Those smiles do not indicate a 90% success rate. It means the woman is trying her best to end this interaction. Because if she doesn’t smile, he might tell her to smile. If she tells you to leave her alone, you’ll probably call her a bitch. And I know he thinks he’s different; that he’s classy, charming. BUT, since going to work isn’t a performance, we’re not looking for applause. What he’s doing is basically a high-minded, Lincoln Center version of ‘hey, sweet tits’.
That Telly Savalas lookin motherfucker should hold his applause. Because our walk to work is not there for him to comment on. It’s not a red carpet. It’s not a fashion week runway—it’s a sidewalk. And, believe it or not, getting the horny clap of approval from ANY guy does NOT improve my day—it actually creeps me out. So guys, get some impulse control, because I got some shit to do.
Jessica Williams,The Daily Show  (via ashlique)


Porcelain pieces that are infested with hand-painted ants by artistLa Philie

on Etsy

German artist Evelyn Bracklow of La Philie decided to combine the elegance of vintage porcelain with the grossness of a horde of ants in a series she calls Chitins Gloss. Various dining pieces such as plates, tea cups, and jugs are all crawling with ants, as if your kitchen is having some sort of ant-infestation.

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